Jumat, 18 Maret 2011

Creative Methods in Teaching English

In the process of English teaching, it is essential to use creative methods to stimulate English students’ interest in learning English. Methods that teachers use in class have important part of the students’ success. Based on a research, the primary difference between a bored class and an engrossed class lies in how creative the teaching methods are. There are some methods that can be used in English class. For examples, using games, using an iPod or cellular phones, and using humorous twists or hot topics.
First, let us use games in teaching process. Games are fun and students like to play them. Teachers can use various games in English class to invite the students’ interest during the class. So that, they do not feel bored. In addition, games increase motivation by providing a plausible incentive to use the target language. Through playing games, students can learn English with fun. Thus without stress, they can learn a lot. Even shy students can participate positively.
Second, an iPod can be a good media in learning English. An iPod for some students is a friend during their single day. They can bring it anywhere and anytime they want. Teachers can take advantage of this situation. By using iPod, learners can practice their English through listening to podcasting, music, or any lesson from internet. There are many good websites can be used by teachers for language learning and practice. Moreover, students can listen to English conversations through their iPod or cellular phones.
Finally, teachers can use stories, videos (add more details), or hot topic as the materials for the class. Having a “hot” conversation on a topic that they want to talk about – music, movies, cute guys / gals, etc is a good way to practice English. To illustrate, everybody knows Mr. Bean and loves his humorous twists on daily living. Let students do the talking. They can offer suggestions, write to Mr. Bean and his other characters, express opinions and do comparisons of his world vs. their own. As a result, students will do a lot of practice even they do not realize it. The most important point here is practicing as much as possible.
In conclusion, using creative methods need to be considered in teaching process. Teachers need to be creative in choosing everything, including material, atmosphere, method, etc. By combining those aspects, teachers can stimulate students’ interest and motivation in English teaching. Thus, students can enjoy learning English without stress.
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